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Healthy Senior Lifestyle

Healthy Senior Lifestyle

Aging will result in a lot of changes in your body. Your strength deteriorates, your eyesight becomes weaker, your memory will not be as sharp, and you will be more prone to certain diseases.

These are normal, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything about it. You cannot stop the effects of aging, but you can slow it down. Here’s how:

  • Eat right. When you become a senior, you can’t get away with eating whatever you want. You need to focus on green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoid processed meats and too much salt or sugar in your food.
  • Exercise your mind and body. This is always a good idea, no matter what age. Do some simple workout routines every day allowed by your doctor. Practice solving brain games like crosswords, Sudoku, and puzzles.
  • Quit smoking and drink moderately. Smoking causes lung and heart disease, cancer, and stroke, while drinking too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, and blood clots.
  • Get enough rest and take your medications. Make sure that you sleep at least seven hours a day, and do not forget about your meds as prescribed by your doctor.

Greater Placer Pharmacy is the leading pharmacy in Auburn, California. We have always strived towards excellence by providing a wide range of products and delivering the best services.

We are widely known as a free delivery pharmacy. We understand the need for easy and convenient ways of purchasing, especially during these trying times. Additionally, we have made it free so that more people can make use of this service.

We can also arrange for a transfer prescription in California. Contact us today by filling out the form on our website so that our friendly staff can get back to you.

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