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Hot Flashes: an Overview

Hot Flashes: an Overview

Hot flashes are brief episodes experienced by female customers in a pharmacy in Auburn, California, wherein they suddenly feel uncomfortably hot. Although they are entirely normal, hot flashes can be distracting when you’re trying to tend to your responsibilities during the day. They can also disrupt your sleep at night.

Some women experience one hot flash on average, while others have them more frequently in a day. Symptoms typically last for about two to four minutes. However, they can be worse in times of anxiety, stress, or when the temperature is warm.

A feeling of warmth usually starts around the face and upper chest and then spreads. It is also normally accompanied by redness in the affected areas, tingling of your fingers, heavy sweating, and palpitations.

As a free delivery pharmacy, trust us when we say that hot flashes can occur for years. They usually begin during the premenopausal years and quit shortly after you have had your menopause. It is important to note, though, that they can continue well into your postmenopausal years.

If you’re wondering what to do in order to manage hot flashes, don’t worry. Numerous ways are available to handle them. Healthy lifestyle adjustments, hormone therapy, as well as taking your prescription medications from a pharmacy that offers transfer prescription in California, are just some of them. Don’t hesitate to converse with us at Greater Placer Pharmacy for additional information.

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